Selected Chronology



Here is a selected chronology of world events. In some cases it is just interesting to see where things fall in line, or what is happening on different sides of the planet. I’ve attempted accuracy but I issue no guarantees. For the most part I have used names and dates which are more common to the USA, particularly with respect to modern warfare. I will continue to update with corrections or improvements as I find them.  I appear in a couple of entries not because of any impact or import, but for the somewhat interesting connections.




between 4000 and 2800 Fu Hsi, the Great Bright One, Mythical First Emperor of China, originator of the I Ching and the trigrams, first of the Three Sovereigns

2500 Huangdi, Yellow Emperor, Semi Mythical figure, revived Taoist practices, which were already ancient

570-490 Lao Tzu, Li Erh, Keeper of the Imperial Archives at Luoyang, revives Taoism again, and writes the Tao Te Ching

566-486 Siddhartha Guatama, Buddha

550 Persian Empire founded

551-479 Confucius

630-553 Zarathustra/Zoroaster

469-399 Socrates

427-347 Plato

384-322 Aristotle – teaches Alexander the Great

250 Great Wall of China built

100-44 Julius Caesar

70-19 Virgil



0-33 Jesus

1st Century Buddhism enters Central Asia, and China

3rd Century Buddhism expands outwards in Asia

312 Roman Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity, declares it State Religion of Rome

476 Fall of the Western Roman Empire

526 Bodhidharma, founder of Ch’an (Zen) arrives in China, from India

538 Buddhism enters Japan

570-632 Prophet Mohammed

1096-1099 1st Crusades, Muslims and Christians kill each other

1141-1215 Eisai founds Rinzai Zen

1200-1253 Dogen founds Soto Zen

1394-1481 Ikkyu, crazy clouds, practices his own Red Thread Zen

1452 Leonardo DaVinci

1453  End of the Byzantine, Eastern Roman Empire

1492 Columbus “discovers” America

1564-1642 Galileo

1603-1867 Tokugawa Shogunate, closes Japan to foreigners (1639) end of the Sengoku Gedai, Warring States Period

1620 Pilgrims reach America

1633 Galileo recants to the Holy Catholic Inquisition

1776 American Independence

1819-1892 Whitman

1853 First Buddhist Temple in America. San Francisco.

1868 Meiji Restoration in Japan, end of Tokugawa Shogunate, Emperor seizes power and eliminates Samurai

1861-1865 American Civil War

1869-1948 Mahatma Gandhi

1878-1967 Carl Sandburg

2-5-1914 William Burroughs born, the secret agent, the man behind the scenes, bookend to the Beat Generation

1914-1918 WWI

1915-1973 Alan Watts

3-12-1922 Jean-Louis (Jack) Kerouac born

2-8-1926 Neal Cassidy Born

6-3-1926 Allen Ginsberg Born

1939-1945 WWII

Early 1940’s Kerouac and Ginsberg Meet while both enrolled at Columbia University

Early-Mid 1940’s Kerouac drops out of Columbia

Dec, 1946 Neal Cassidy meets Kerouac and Ginsberg, Ginsberg suspended from Columbia; Burroughs is around on the streets, is there  purposefully after deciding to be an addict and an outlaw, he influences Kerouac and Ginsberg to write, and travel; also around is Herbert Hunke and Lucien Carr

1950-1953 Korean War

1950’s On the Road Period – At Burroughs’s prompting, Kerouac and Cassidy leave Columbia, head to San Francisco, head back, and other places. Kerouac at times complains of the lack of character of post Korean War America, citing a ‘sinister new efficiency in things’

1955-1975 Vietnam War

1955 Ginsberg’s Six Gallery reading of Howl, Beats become celebrities, movement is in full swing

1957 On the Road is published, Jack’s writing wanes dramatically, his manuscripts begin being published

1960’s and 1970’s Beatniks; Ginsberg, Leary, Merry Pranksters, Jack feels no affinity with this scene, regrets being known as the Father of the Beat Movement

2-4-1968 Neal Cassidy passes out along railroad tracks and dies

10-21-1969 Jack Kerouac dies

1992 William Bouroughs voices over Curt Cobain guitar on “The Priest They Called Him”

1-5-1994 J Gant arrives Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego California

4-5-1994 Kurt Cobain dies

1995 Pope John Paul II pardons Galileo

4-5-1997 Allen Ginsberg dies

Mid July, 1997, J Gant in Wea Gwan, Korea for USMCR duty. 6 hours from Uijeongbu, site of the fictional 4077th MASH. Over the previous year the last MASH unit, a type of unit in service in the Korean War, had been disassembled.

8-2-1997 William Burroughs dies, the secret agent, the master addict, the man behind the scenes, following just 4 months after the last of the “original four”, bookend to the beat generation: just what was the nature of his agency and mission?

February, 2008 J Gant begins working at Owen Residence Hall, Purdue University, opened in 1956. This building is an excellent example of Mid-Century Modernism Architecture, the “sinister new efficiency” of 1950’s post Korean War America.

All things are connected.



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