About Jason

I am a family man and a working man. My wife Dana and I have three great children. She takes excellent care of them. I have in my working lifetime been a meat cutter, security patrolman, retail store detective, hotel front desk staff, events staff, and currently, a facilities manager. I have always been interested in everything, and at some point in the past, this led me to discover Taoism.

I am truly interested in the human experience and in our development throughout history. I am fascinated by the emergence of Buddhism, and its spread from India to China becoming Chan Buddhism, and from there to Japan becoming Zen Buddhism. Zen spread to America and eventually the Beat Generation took to it.

I will be posting my observances and thoughts on all these things and probably more, as they present themselves in daily life. What I write will not be so much academic, but personal and subjective. Hope you enjoy!


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