Some thoughts on Mind

“Mind precedes all mental states, mind is their chief, they are all mind-wrought.” Dhammapada

“When you understand mind, you understand everything.” Master Nagarjuna

“JORIKI is the power or strength which arises when the mind has been unified and brought to one-pointedness in Zazen concentration. This is more than the ability to concentrate in the usual sense of the word. It is a dynamic power which, once mobilized, enables us even in the most sudden and unexpected situations to act instantly, without pausing to collect out wits, and in a manner wholly appropriate to the circumstances. One who has developed Joriki is no longer a slave to his passions, neither is he at the mercy of his environment. Always in command of both himself and the circumstances of his life, he is able to move with perfect freedom and equanimity. The cultivation of certain supranormal powers is also made possible by Joriki, as is the state in which the mind becomes like clear, still water.”

“The universe is mental” Hermes Tresmegistus. Compare joriki to alpha wave workings, magic, prayer, intentions, positive thought, hypnosis. Exploring the possibilites of impacting our environment, how far outward from ourselves are we able to impose our will? The farther out the more diffuse, but if more inline with the universal good, then the more impactful, and far reaching.

However, as stated in the Tao Te Ching, “a strength overused, quickly becomes a weakness.” So, in actuality to start with the body, which is by comparison easy to train, and stay on a physical conditioning program, then begin the intense training of the mind. This is a good start on the path.

I believe training in this way enhances mind-body attunement, first simply by the sheer nature of paying attention to these areas, but then most especially in working to improve their capabilities.

In essence, attuning frequencies of body, mind, character, others, universe, samsara, all, what is the highest good one can do?


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